Conference Application: Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching of Mathematics and Technology- Fall 2015

Application Letter

The Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching Mathematics and Technology at SUNY College at Old Westbury plans to develop and implement a leadership training program for 50 mathematics teachers of kindergarten through grade 12, comprised of two separate grade groups (K-6 and 7-12) during the academic year. Each grade group will consist of 15 formal workshop sessions based upon budgetary constraints. The Institute has been in operation since 1986 making important contributions to mathematics education on Long Island and New York City offering mathematics education workshops for about 1000 elementary and secondary teachers.

Training begins fall of 2015 with emphasis placed on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Teachers will be involved in applying problem solving strategies, using manipulatives (including calculators and computers) for instruction, writing lesson plans that align with the standards, and learning techniques to provide in-service training to others. The instructional hands-on manipulative materials will be supplied to all teacher participants.

Superintendents, principals and chairs are invited to nominate teachers as project participants. A nomination form must be completed by each nominee and endorsed by the Superintendent. We encourage nominations from school districts for teachers of all levels and abilities.

The Selection Committee will apply the following criteria in choosing teacher candidates for the program:

  • The proposed participant must be currently employed in your district as a full-time teacher.
  • The proposed participant must be interested in improving his/her own mathematics skills and instruction.

  • The proposed participant must be willing to incorporate many of the skills acquired into their classroom activities, be a resource and share with their colleagues.

The project participants will have a meaningful role in planning, implementing and evaluating the in-service training. They will be asked to indicate what they hope to gain from the training on the nomination form and will have further opportunities to affect change during the orientation and evaluative sessions.

The attached Project Particulars describe in detail our proposed program and the benefits to be gained by the participant from your school district. Please note that we recommend that four in-service credits should be awarded by each participating school district for successful completion of the program.

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We invite you to print the nomination form for all teachers who may be interested in the project. Completed forms should be submitted by June 27, 2015 (via email, snail mail or fax) to:

Institute of Leadership Training c/o Mimi Schnier
PO Box 210
SUNY College at Old Westbury Old Westbury, NY 11568-0210

Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching Mathematics and Technology. If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please call the Program’s office at (516) 876-3261. You may also contact the office via fax (516) 876-3126 or e-mail at or