The iPad Initiative was developed by the Long Island Network of Teacher Centers (LINC) for the NYSED Teaching is the Core grant.  Educators from sixteen Long Island Teacher Centers participated in professional conversations, in content area groups, to identify and utilize iPad applications to enhance student learning. Below are the products of this island-wide collaboration. We welcome your comments and feedback at 

iPad Initiative Facilitators: 
J. Marr (Long Beach Teacher Center)
B. Weinmann (Oceanside Teacher Center)

A. Olander (Smithtown), B. Havelis (William Floyd), B. Verron (Connetquot), C. Curran (OWL- Lindenhurst), C. Itwaru (Brentwood), C. Knoell (Western Hamptons), C. Camacho (Long Beach), D. DeLuca (Smithtown), E. Froehlich (Smithtown), E. Gilrein (Oceanside), G. Fellows (Smithtown), G. Anest (Levittown), H. Peretz (Great Neck), H. Lopez (Valley Stream), J. Bottcher (Brentwood), J. D'Elia (South Huntington), J. Oestreich (Valley Stream), J/ His (Valley Stream), J. Kobes (Oceanside), K. Beleckas (Long Beach), L. Pimentel (MESTRACT- Three Village), L. Behan (Long Beach), L. Bilello (William Floyd), L. Whitacre (Valley Stream), M. Trapani (Brentwood), M. Liriano (Valley Stream), M. Neri (Valley Stream), N. Murolo (MESTRACT- Three Village), P. Cardo (Western Hampton), R. Roaldsen (East Williston), S. Brigati (Smithtown), S. Gonzalez (Baldwin), S. Siebert (Levittown). S. VanKurin (Western Hamptons- Center Moriches), S. Oakley (Western Hamptons- Eastport), S. Principato (Valley Stream), T. Green (Levitttown), C. Williams (OWL- Lindenhurst)