11th Annual NYSMSA Middle-Level Institute

Teaching in the 21st Century Middle-Level Classroom - Making the Common Core More Common

June 27-28, 2013  Malta, NY  (Near Saratoga Springs)                                                      
Highly-Effective Middle-Level Teaching with Technology 
with Dr. Nancy Cook, Technology Integrator, Williamsville CSD

Highly-effective teaching combines the NYS Teaching Standards, Common Core Learning Standards, and Middle-Level Essential Elements, creating engaging, meaningful middle-level learning experiences through the use of technology.  But, with so many technology tools and resources available, where and when is the best time to use them?

This integrated technology workshop is designed to help teachers make sense of how to integrate the right tools at the right time during a unit of study.  It will focus on user-friendly, free resources, apps, and tools that support the following areas related to best practices and APPR rubrics:

  • Preparing students for learning
  • Presenting and deepening learning
  • Applying and reflecting on learning
  • Creating an engaging, effective classroom environment

Participants will:

  • Explore the alignment of the NYS Teaching Standards, the Common Core Learning Standards, and SED's Essential Elements of Standards-Focused Middle-Level Schools and Programs;
  • Explore a wide variety of technology resources that focus on highly effective teaching and student learning;
  • Select appropriate resources and plan for their use in their classrooms with guided practice time.

Target Audience: 
Middle-Level Leaders and Teachers of All Subjects

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