New York State Museum Classes (~$30.00)

This summer the New York State Museum in Albany, NY is offering a variety of courses that address the Common Core State Standards. The Museum's 12-year history of excellent teacher education provides workshop participants with access to real-world applications, authentic research, and thoughtful lessons that accelerate understanding. Museum workshops in Evolution, Archaeology, and Earth Science are scheduled for May through July 2013. The classes are around $30.00

The remaining classes include:

The DH Cadwell Earth Science Workshop
July 8-10, 2013 (Monday-Wednesday)

This three-day workshop (24 contact hours), designed by geologists at the State Museum, helps Earth Science teachers improve student test scores by increasing their familiarity with the geologic environment and geologic history of New York State.

Archaeology for the Classroom!

July 23-24, 2013 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

This two-day workshop (16 contact hours) is designed for social studies teachers in grades 2-8. Teachers actively participate in the process of archaeology and learn about regional history through classroom lectures, fieldwork, and analysis of material objects in Museum collection areas. This approach addresses the Common Core State Standards.

 Please check the website for updated workshop offerings.