Math Leadership Opportunity: SUNY Old Westbury

It is often assumed that to be a good math teacher one just needs to master the content. A report published in the Education Forum of the Science journal (6/23/11) noted that there is little evidence that courses in advanced math contribute to more effective teaching. The Institute of Merit at SUNY Old Westbury is currently seeking twenty-five K-5 teachers and twenty-five 6-9 teachers to participate in the Leadership Training for Teaching Mathematics and Technology. 

Participants in the 6-9 program will have 45 hours of in-class professional development in the field of mathematics and pedagogy, 9 hours of computer lab work to familiarize them with software that can be used in the classroom, and 6 hours at the Limacon conference.

All participants will be involved in leadership training activities that will:

  • Improve their mathematical content and deepen their understanding of foundational concepts.
  • Demonstrate the importance of displaying passion for the subject and with the teaching of children.
  • Increase their competency in problem solving techniques and strategies.
  • Develop integrated activities based on creative thinking in mathematics and the use of technology.
  • Introduce them to real-life applications, including training in technological areas and activities.
  • Examine the Common Core State Standards including the Standards for Mathematical Practice and grade-level content, as well as the N.Y. State Learning Standards and Student Assessment Standards.
  • Cultivate leadership and presentation skills in teaching mathematics and technology.
  • Organize Annual Long Island Mathematics Conference to provide a forum for exchange of concerns, innovative ideas and achievable ideals to secure reform in mathematics education.

Your superintendent must approve you to participate in this grant funded coursework. If you are interested you can visit the  Institute of Merit at SUNY Old Westburyread the fact sheet, read the brochure, or download the application.