NYS Teacher Center Online Academy (OLA) Fall 2016 Courses

All OLA courses are 15 in-service hours. OLA Course Fee: $150 per course

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October 5, 2016 – November 17, 2016

Teens and Technology

Instructor: Peggy DeCooke, Ph.D. Grade level 6-12
In this online course, we will explore teen's dependence on technology from a developmental perspective, focusing on how teens attend to and process information and why interacting in a virtual space is likely to be so attractive to them. We will explore ways of incorporating technology into the classroom in a reasonable and informed way, as well as how to communicate guidelines for safe and appropriate use. Teens snapchat and instagram, and smart phones are requisite technology. This technology has changed the way that teens learn and interact. Teens listen in sound bytes and can access any fact simply by thinking about the "right' descriptors. How can educators used to writing on a blackboard communicate information to today's teens in a way that's engaging for them and not overwhelming for us? Interactions on sites, such as Facebook, have also replaced hanging out after school and creating an online persona provides teens with a new means of exploring their identity. While these sites broaden teens' social horizons, they may also thrust teens into social situations beyond their maturity level. How do we help teens navigate these technologies?

Using Digital Resources to Enhance Reading Comprehension

Instructor: Denise Lewis Grade Level 2-12
Have you ever read a book... a short story... a poem and been able to see the characters, know the place, or empathize with the protagonist? Many students haven't had such a memorable reading moment. They'd much rather surf the web, text friends and search for themselves on youtube. To motive students to read teachers can connect reading with the digital resources students use every day. There is a wealth of Web 2.0 resources to connect kids with books. Using Digital Resources to Enhance Reading Comprehension will provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to connect kids with reading through digital media and easy to use Web tools.

Using Google Tools for Collaboration, Enrichment and Differentiation of Instruction

Instructor: Dorit Eilon Grade level K-12
This fun and engaging course offered by a Google Certified Educator is designed to provide information and examples of various Google tools available to enhance the learning experiences of different learners. Participants will explore Google Earth, Google Docs (collaborative presentations, spreadsheets, documents and forms) Google Apps and Google SketchUp. Examples of how these tools can be integrated with different subject areas that are aligned to national and NYS standards will be shared.

 All courses require internet access and a comfort level with email, Microsoft Word and uploading documents.

Some require knowledge of other technologies or programs.

 Participants are expected to log in and work with the class site at least 3 times each week.

 Scholarships may be provided through your local NYS Teacher Center.

 Please secure approval from your home district, if needed, in advance.

 Syllabi, Road Maps and Course Policies can be found on the OLA catalog http://eeznt3.nyiteez.org/olacatalog/ along with the Standards for Online Learning, FAQ’s, and other useful information.

 No refunds will be issued after the start of the OLA courses.

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